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COMPANYON is a broad participatory processes initiated by the city of Nyon in order to consult their inhabitants. The cooperative planning processes allows the political and administrative authorities to gain a better understanding of the needs and wishes of the population and to jointly develop projects for the future of Nyon. In these processes the following objectives are aimed for:

  • Increased identification and integration of the inhabitants
  • Strengthening of the partnership between the inhabitants and authorities
  • Encouraging community building activities
  • Increasing the quality of life
  • Strengthening the relationships of inhabitants of all age groups and origins

Duration: July 2006 – February 2008
Client: Nyon
Project lead: INTER ACT in partnership with Communauté d’aménagement du territoire – EPFL

«Professionnalisme, enthousiasme et chaleur humaine. Des compétences essentielles que les autorités et les participants ont pu apprécier au cours de la fructueuse démarche pilotée par Mme Ziegler.» Sarah Huber, secrétaire municipale de Nyon