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Cross-boarder cooperation

The dialogue processes aims to create an added value for the spatial and economic development of the cross-boarder region (Allschwil, Hegenheim and urban fringes of Bourgfelden, INTERREG IIIA). The objectives are:

  • Cross-boarder cooperation to enhance the development of the region
  • Encourage an integrative spatial development
  • Economic analysis and feasibility study regarding the location potentials for firms in consideration of a well functioning, sustainable mobility system.

Duration June 2005 – December 2006
Client: Trinational Agglomeration Basel (TAB)
Project lead INTER ACT: in collaboration with the consulting and communication firm ecos, in partnership with Communauté d’aménagement du territoire – EPFL, Algoé, Feddersen and Klostermann, and MRS Müller, Romann & Schuppisser

«Sans l’engagement de Madame Christine Ziegler, le projet n’aurait pas été terminé de manière satisfaisante»
Dr. Frédéric Duvinage, Directeur de l’Eurodistrict