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LEAD Europe Fellows Training Programme, Brussels

«The EU and Leadership: Towards a Sustainable Future» Modul in Brussels focussed upon the following aims: leaderships training for sustainable development, the evaluation of chances and risks, the role of individual leadership qualities on an EU level, an examination of the EU energy and climate packages and the strategy for sustainable development, the role of the economy within sustainable development, the development of negociation skills and lobbying and advocacy.

Duration: 2009
Client: LEAD, England
Concept and realisation: INTER ACT in collaboration with LEAD, England

«I first met Christine Ziegler when we were working together in a team of international facilitators at the IUCN Congress in Barcelona in 2008.
I knew immediately that I wanted to work with Christine again because of her clear thinking, her energy and her commitment to quality. The following year I invited Christine to co-facilitate the Brussels module of the LEAD Europe Leadership and Sustainability Programme where her experience of advocacy and negotiation skills was invaluable. Working with Christine is also a lot of fun and I very happy to recommend her to you.»

Edward Kellow, Head of Training LEAD International,