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Participatory development of the Language Promotion Concept (Basel-Landschaft)

In the beginning of 2008, the federal Integration Encouragement Programm received a new orientation. The main focus is placed upon the strengthening of integration approaches within the reglemented structures. Tasks, competencies and responsibilities between the Confederation and Cantons are to be newly allocated.

The federal funds aim to encourage migrants to make use of the standard offers. Deficencies in the needs-based offers are to be complemented. The programm will be developed in cooperation with the canton and all relevant actors of the reglemented structure: the cities, communes as well as the representatives of the interest groups within the field of «Language and Education».

Duration: 2009 – 2010
Client: Education, Cultur and Sport Direction, Canton Basel-Landschaft, Center for adult education and the Security Direction Canton Basel-Landschaft, Center for Integration
Concept and realisation: INTER ACT in partnership with Dorin Kaiser