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Pratteln Längi,neighborhood development

A participatory process for social integration and neighborhood development in the Längi, Pratteln. The confederation and canton Basel-Landschaft support the commune Pratteln within the framework of the programm «projets urbains» for the next three years (2009 – 2011) This is a pilot project for the «social integration and sustainable development in the neighborhood Längi». With specific actions the quality of life will be improved and the social integration within the Längi encouraged.

The programm «projets urbains» is an integral part of the action plan «Report of Integration measures» which the Confederation has ratified in 2007.

Duration: 2008 – 2011
Client: Commune Pratteln in cooperation with the canton Basel-Landschaft and ARE
Facilitation and conception: INTER ACT in partnership with Michael Emmenegger, Analyse und Management von sozialen Prozessen